Audio processor

The audio processor (AP) is designed for digital processing of the microphone input signal and output of the processed signal.

AP contains the following key components:

– high-performance processor STM32F746;

– high-quality audio codec CS4272, which includes ADC and DAC with high dynamic range;

– TFT display with a resolution of 320 * 240, a diagonal of 3.2 inches.



AP contains the following nodes with setting ranges:

1) Notch filter:

2) Noise gate:

3) Phase rotator:

4) 6-band Multiband compressor:

5) Pre and Post gain – -40dB … + 40dB in 1dB steps

6) 6-band Equalizer – with gain control -15 … + 15dB in 1dB steps

7) Soft knee compressor:

8) Reverberator:

9) output filter Output filter – adjustable in the range of 0 … 10000kHz with a step of 5Hz;

10) Limitter:

It is possible to select the rectangularity of the filters – both as a general filter and as part of a compressor. 4 values ​​of squareness.

AP contains the following connectors:

– jack 3.5mm for connecting audio inputs and outputs;

– USB type B for USB connection to PC.

– DC 2.5mm (2.1mm) for power supply connection.

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