The warranty is carried out by the Seller and is 12 months from the date of sale. During the warranty period, in the event of a radio receiver failure, the owner is entitled to free repairs. The warranty is provided for the elimination of all malfunctions of the radio, provided that the radio has not been modified, unauthorized repair, misuse or mechanical damage.
Opening the radio to install or replace the battery is permitted.
Products with the following defects are not eligible for warranty repair:

  • the presence of external and internal damage to the equipment;
  • exposure to high temperatures, chemicals, household insects, ingress of liquid, other substances and objects into the equipment;
  • damage to power circuits due to improper battery connection or power supply malfunction;
  • for reasons arising in the process of unqualified installation, development, modification or non-observance of operating rules.

The warranty conditions do not apply to:

  • Battery, if initially available;
  • Possible errors in the operation of the software that do not affecting the performance of the radio;
  • Telescopic antenna.

Claims are accepted at the location of the Seller. All costs of transporting the radio to the Seller’s service center are paid by the owner of the radio independently. Warranty repairs are made within 14 calendar days, excluding delivery time.

Seller’s warranties are limited to the value of the radio and do not cover any other losses or expenses incurred by the Customer arising from a malfunction of the radio. Post-warranty repairs are carried out at the expense of the buyer.

Warranty service is not provided if the radio is damaged as a result of improper operation, transportation, storage, or if the case is damaged.

Self-repair is allowed only by mutual agreement of the Buyer and the Seller.

The company disclaims any warranty service obligations also in the event of opening and repairing the radio receiver by individuals and organizations that do not have an official permission from the Seller.

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